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By hotmail | November 2, 2018

If one is using Hotmail then it is very common to receive multiple spam emails. On Hotmail, as well as other email platforms, different emails come from different or same contacts, which may be intended for several purposes.

The user can easily block that contact to stop such annoying emails. There is also an option on Hotmail to add the contacts to the block list, which can help the user to stop the irritating and spam emails.

Whenever the sender sends the user an email, it will be discarded without showing any notification to the user or the sender and that email will not appear in the junk folders.

The process of signing in the Hotmail to see the emails is very exciting sometimes, but if one found spam emails which are unable to communicate any desired or intresting message, they can be really irritating.

Sometimes the emails are usually from different companies promoting their products and such emails are of no use to us and the user face many difficulties to store useful emails. They may also overcrowd the inbox, making it hard to look for the useful emails stored there.

If you are looking block an email on Hotmail, then this article will definitely guide you to block emails of all sorts with ease.

Steps to block an email on Hotmail

The following steps can be performed to block an email on Hotmail:

  • Open any browser on your computer and go to
  • Then login in to your account by providing username and password
  • Then on the top right corner the user will see a gear like icon, click that icon.
  • There will be many options, but the user has to click on “Safe and Blocked Senders”.
  • Then click on blocked senders, a page will appears which consists a box and there the user can add the email address from which the user don’t want emails.
  • Then paste the email address there and then click on “Add to the list”
  • The entered email will be added to the block list.

These are the steps to block the emails. By following these steps, the user can also block the domain name and after that any emails from that domain will never irritate the user. One will never receive any emails from that contact until the user remove that contact from the list of blocked senders.

If the user has never used this feature in the past, then the user might be confused if there are already names in the block list because Hotmail automatically adds the spam email addresses to the block list if they have sent emails to the user in the past.

In the past if the user marked any emails as spam, then those emails will also end up on this block list. This is one of the most useful features on Hotmail which can help ensure maximum utility of the user.

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