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By hotmail | November 2, 2018

Changing the theme or color of your Hotmail account can be very confusing, especially when you are new to the account and its slightly different settings. Customize-able settings are always preferred by users so they feel a sense of belonging to their respective accounts.

To customize your account, change themes, switch colors to different tones, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Microsoft has made it simple and easy for users to change the themes and colors of their accounts to their liking.

How you can change color or theme of your Hotmail account

In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step how you can change the color or theme of your Hotmail account.

  • Click on options menu on top-left corner.
  • Hover the cursor on Themes.
  • Here you will see a few previews on customizable themes.
  • Hover the cursor on the previews.
  • Check all the previews to see which one you want to apply.
  • Select one theme.
  • Click on the preview to apply it to your account.

The fastest and most convenient way to customize your accounts theme and colors is to click on the button labelled “Options”, situated in the middle top right side of the screen. In the menu of options, there are multiple sections.

Move the cursor on the themes option, this will display the various themes that Microsoft has set in as previews for you to apply. By moving the cursor over the square icons, you will see a preview of the themes applied to your account so you can see how they look.

Move between the theme options and select the option that you desire. Moving the cursor away from the preview will revert your account back to its default theme. To apply a theme on your account permanently, click on the option that you desire. This will permanently change the theme of your account.

Your selection will be remembered and if you wish to close your account and come back to it later, from the same device or a different one, the theme you have selected will still be there.

You may want to change the font size of your email account as well, in order to see more clearly or to match the theme and color of your Hotmail account. You can do this by setting the screen resolution in your windows operating system or setting the font size in Hotmail’s settings.

Hotmail is updated regularly and the new themes and distinguished colors use soothing colors and contrasts. There is a wide range of options to select from.

If you wish to revert the changes that you made and return your accounts theme settings back to normal, select the default theme from options and click on it.

Microsoft updates its layout every once in a while and reverting back to the default theme may not be an option after a while as default color and themes are also changed by Microsoft automatically. Please contact Microsoft help and support for any further queries.

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