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By hotmail | November 2, 2018

Hotmail is an attractive email service which offers huge variety of features for the users as compared to all other email providers, services. This email service is free and easy to use. Hotmail provides the user an option to change the theme of the display.

The user can easily change the theme in Hotmail to alter its appearance and one can also change the color display of the page. The user could not change the theme in the previous update of the Hotmail, but could change the color of the display.

It includes dynamic themes which means it can also change the display color according to the day and time. It has eighteen different color schemes which can be used by the user to change the display of the page to make it looks cool.

On Hotmail the background color shows up all the time and that is used in the subject line of the unread emails which are also appearing in bold and that color also used for the borders. And these all themes make the Hotmail look a bit cooler as compared to all other email provider services.

One can also change the themes by using the “office 365” link in the settings. The best thing about the Hotmail is that all the changing applied immediately without even closing the selected plane. The changing in the themes makes your account, of Hotmail more cool and attractive.

Steps to customize the theme on Hotmail

  • First of all Open any browser for example Opera on your computer or laptop and go to
  • Then login to your Hotmail account by providing the username and password
  • Then on the top right corner the user will see a gear like icon, click that gear like icon.
  • Once the options page loads then the user will see many options on that page, including customize your mail.
  • Click on that option named as “customize your mail” and under that section, click on the choose the theme link.
  • Then choose the desired theme and choosing a theme for your Hotmail account is quite easy and simple

After following these all the steps the user can easily change the theme. The other best thing about the Hotmail is that on this the user can change the themes as the time changes or the weather changes in the user’s location and to apply these settings the user has to go to the dynamic theme settings.

And after selecting the dynamic themes, click on the save button that will save all the settings and then changes the themes. If the user wants to revert to the original theme, then one has to click on the cancel button to cancel all the settings.

The user can also download many themes for the account to make it more amazing and interesting. The earlier version did not support these features, but this version has many features for the user.

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