Delete an Account in Hotmail

By hotmail | November 2, 2018

Hotmail is an attractive email service which offers huge variety of features for the users. This email service is free and easy to use. There can be many reasons for the user to delete account permanently.

If the user no longer want to have an email account on Hotmail and switching to another email service then it can be easily deleted.

To close the hotmail account it is mandatory to first close the Microsoft account because after that all the emails and contacts will be deleted permanently and can not be recovered.

When the user deletes the account Hotmail notify you and this whole deleting process will take 270 days. This article will tell you about how to delete an account on Hotmail permanently. The user has to log in back within 270 days to cancel the deleting process of the account and to reactivate account.

If the user click on a close account button and sign in after some days, then the email messages will be right there where the user left them.

If the user wants to delete all the email messages, images and many other information from the account, then the user has to delete it manually before deleting the account itself because deleting requests do not mean the user data will be deleted.

The user can not delete the Hotmail account from the mobile app, but can easily delete the account by using any browser for example google chrome, opera and FireFox.

Before the user closes the account permanently the Hotmail request the user to check their privacy and in the end it will ask you to verify the account before closing it.

And once the user deactivates the account, then the account will be closed and after that it will give you some time to reactivate it.

Steps to delete an account

  • First of all Open any browser for example Opera on your computer or laptop and go to
  • Then login to your Hotmail account by providing the username and password.
  • Then on the top right corner the user will see a gear like icon, click that gear like icon.
  • Once the options page loads then the user will see many options on that page, including security details, click on the security and then click on the more options.
  • A page with many instructions will appears in front of the user. Read the instructions carefully and then verify your account after the verification process of deleting the account will start.
  • Then click on the “close your account link”, if the user wants their account back then the user has to log in and then the process of deletion will be cancelled.

In addition, one of the best things about the Hotmail is that if the user can not find any contacts or any information about the important messages or the emails after deleting the account then the user can easily ask the domain owners.

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